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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
0231 9507 polycom external antenna for ip-dect s erver 400 Avl RFQ
066147-002 intermec technologies intermec 2.4 ghz universal antenna antenna, 2.4ghz, omni, for acc ess points,rohs Avl RFQ
108-00014-50 silex technology antenna 2.4ghz sx-500-1031 sx-10wg (ordered as needed from mfg) antenna 2.4ghz sx-500-1031 cpnt sx-10wg Avl RFQ
15755 extreme networks extreme networks facade antenna for 4700ap eu req facade ant for 4700ap Avl RFQ
1700935G1 adtran adtran 2.4g high gain omni antenna for 2.4ghz-2.5ghz omni 8dbi bsap-1600 802.11b/b stick omni antenna u se with bsap 1600 Avl RFQ
1700939F1 adtran adtran (3) 2.4g and 3 5g omnidirectional 3-2.4ghz and 5ghz 2dbi antennas 3 2.4g and 3 5g omnidirectiona cpnt 3-2.4ghz and 5ghz 2dbi antennas Avl RFQ
170548-000 cradlepoint technology 2.4ghz external wl antenna accs Avl RFQ
170555-000 cradlepoint technology evdo & hspa+ blade (2x) Avl RFQ
170558-000PR cradlepoint technology cradlepoint 5ghz antenna for mbr1400, 3-pack 3pk 170558-000pr 5ghz for accs mbr1400 Avl RFQ
170586-000 cradlepoint technology omnidirectional antenna 5.1ghz accs dbi gain Avl RFQ
170606-000 cradlepoint technology cradlepoint 4inch mini mag-mount ant w 12.5, arc mbr1400 cba750 & cor ibr6x0 4in mini mag-mount ant w/12.5 accs arc mbr1400/cba750 cor ibr6x0 Avl RFQ
170628-000 cradlepoint technology external 2.4/5ghz wl ant (1) accs single wifi antenna - 2100 mbr1400 Avl RFQ
170649-000 cradlepoint technology universal 3g/4g/lte 2dbi/3dbi w/sma connector (1x) Avl RFQ
203045G unitech america unitech rs700 reader antenna rfid ant,for rs700,902-928mhz 50ohm,--sel 1550-9000013g cbl! Avl RFQ
3009Z00150 harman west corp sra2 w remote directional wrls antenna Avl RFQ
301101 wilson electronics truck mirror mount antenn Avl RFQ
301102 wilson electronics wilson multi-band glass-mount antenna glass mount antenna Avl RFQ
301103 wilson electronics wilson magnet mount cellular antenna magnetic mount cell ant Avl RFQ
301104 wilson electronics wilson w-301104 nmo mount cellular antenna nmo mount antenna Avl RFQ
301112 wilson electronics wilson nmo trucker antenna 800 1900mh nmo trucker antenna Avl RFQ
301113 wilson electronics wilson 301113 mini magnet mount cellular antenna mini magnetic cell antenn Avl RFQ
301114 wilson electronics wilson antenna mini glass mount antenna Avl RFQ
301121 wilson electronics wilson 301121 dual-band dome antenna dome ceiling antenna (301121) Avl RFQ
301123 wilson electronics wilson dual polarity dome antenna dome ceiling antenna 800/900 mhz dual polarity w/ n female connector Avl RFQ
301124 wilson electronics wilson yagi pcs antenna stamped yagi antenna (301124) Avl RFQ
301125 wilson electronics wilson magnet mount cellular antenna special order only Avl RFQ
301126 wilson electronics wilson mini magnet mount cellular antenna mini magnet antenna w/ sma connector Avl RFQ
301130 wilson electronics wilson multi-band marine antenna marine antenna Avl RFQ
301133 wilson electronics wilson 301133 cell phone antenna rv trucker spring mount antenna 800/1900 mhz omni directional w/ 13.5 rg58 cable Avl RFQ
301135 wilson electronics wilson dual-band panel antenna high gain panel antenna 50 ohm n female Avl RFQ
301141 wilson electronics wilson signalboost antenna outdoor cradle antenna Avl RFQ
301151 wilson electronics wilson dome ceiling antenna ceiling mnt dome antenna Avl RFQ
301155 wilson electronics wilson 301155 dual band antenna wall mount antenna (301155) Avl RFQ
301201 wilson electronics wilson multi-band omni-directional antenna omni directional 75 ohm outdoor antenna Avl RFQ
301208 wilson electronics wilson 301208 desktop antenna desk top antenna (fme) Avl RFQ
304411 wilson electronics wilson w-304411 directional antenna hi gain yagi directional 50 ohm outdoor Avl RFQ
304447 wilson electronics wilson antenna dt panel antenna upgrade (304447) Avl RFQ
304451 wilson electronics wilson antenna 50 ohm ceiling mount panel ant (304451) Avl RFQ
304453 wilson electronics wilson pole mount wide band panel antenna pole mount panel antenna Avl RFQ
304475 wilson electronics wilson 304475 cell phone antenna hi gain yagi directional 75 ohm outdoor Avl RFQ
308401 wilson electronics wilson 308401 32"" trucker cellular antenna kit trucker cell antna kit Avl RFQ
308430 wilson electronics wilson 308430 antenna marine cell antena kit Avl RFQ
308433 wilson electronics wilson 308433 antenna rv / trucker antenna kit Avl RFQ
311103 wilson electronics magnet mount antenna 800mhz (311103) Avl RFQ
311130 wilson electronics marine mnt antna 7in cbl Avl RFQ
3G-ANTM1919D cisco cisco systems, inc 3g-antm1919d= multi-band swivel-mount dipole antenna 3g-antm1919d. 0 dbi - dipole (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) multi antenna faceplate mount Avl RFQ
40-FD10 metra electronics metra ford standard radio antenna antenna adaptor Avl RFQ
40-GM10 metra electronics metra gm antenna adapter metra aftmrkt radio to accs gm ant w/mini Avl RFQ
40-GM20 metra electronics metra gm radio antenna with mini adapter antenna adaptor Avl RFQ
40-NI11 metra electronics metra factory antenna adapter to aftermarket radio adapter for select 1987-2006 infinity nissan vehicles aftmrkt radio to nissan ant accs Avl RFQ
41706 axis communications flat ampd ant Avl RFQ
44-GM92 metra electronics metra antenna 1988up chevy Avl RFQ
44-US01R metra electronics metra universal antenna with 3-hole mounting base metra side/top mnt accs rubber antenna Avl RFQ
44-US07R metra electronics metra universal conductive antenna metra rubber antenna accs 1in top/side mt Avl RFQ
4714-0003 digi digi 4714-0003 gps antenna antenna gps sma male mag mount 5m Avl RFQ
4714-0004 digi digi 4714-0004 gps antenna antenna gps sma male throu hole 5m Avl RFQ
4714-0018 digi digi 4714-0018 antenna antenna 3g hsdpa sma male through hole5m Avl RFQ
4714-0021 digi digi 4714-0021 gsm/umts marine antenna antenna marine gsm umts deck mount 5m Avl RFQ
4714-0022 digi digi 4714-0022 3g antenna antena 3g hsdpa4band sma male glassmount Avl RFQ
4714-0023 digi digi 4714-0023 cell phone antenna antenna smart 3g hsdpa sma male throu 5m Avl RFQ
4714-0030 digi digi dipole antenna 5 cm, hinged right angle antenna with 50 ohm sma male connector, up to 1.4dbi ga Avl RFQ
502290 intellinet indoor antenna (502290) Avl RFQ
524018 intellinet indoor antenna (524018) Avl RFQ
5400-601141 unitech america external antenna kit Avl RFQ
5500-311 axis communications axis communications outdoor antenna kit axis 211w antenna kit for axis 211w Avl RFQ
76000793 digi digi cell direct mount penta-band antenna ant cell direct mount penta band ant Avl RFQ
76000841 digi digi antenna antenna - gps, surface/through-hole mount, 1575 mhz, 25 db Avl RFQ
76000842 digi antenna - gps, magnet mount, 1575 mhz, 28 db Avl RFQ
76000843 digi digi antenna antenna - cellular/wi-fi combo, surface/through-hole mount, penta band / 2450 ba Avl RFQ
76000844 digi digi 76000844 antenna antenna - cellular, glass mount Avl RFQ
76000845 digi digi 76000845 antenna antenna - cellular, glass mount Avl RFQ
76000846 digi digi antenna antenna - cellular, surface/through-hole mount, quad band, 0 dbd Avl RFQ
76000864 digi digi 76000864 antenna ant cell surface marine mount quad band Avl RFQ
76000888 digi antenna cellular direct mount penta band tnc (ordered as needed from mfg) antenna cellular direct mount mnt penta band tnc Avl RFQ
76000925 digi digi antenna lte l2 ant lte l2 Avl RFQ
76002052 digi digi 76002052 dipole antenna ant cell direct mount penta band 2dbi Avl RFQ
7610-0006 digi digi 7610-0006 3g antenna antena 3g hsdpa smart disc w wallmount Avl RFQ
890000723 datalogic datalogic 890000723 antenna antenna-5 pack-for dragon base station Avl RFQ
910-6005-013 clearone communications ws-eak50-m610wireless extension antenna Avl RFQ
910-6005-300 clearone communications ws-eac3: wireless extension antenna combiner 3 way Avl RFQ
94ACC0059 datalogic datalogic b/g antenna for rhino vehicle mount computers, 2 pack b/g antenna for rhino vehicle mount computer - 2 pack Avl RFQ
A09-F5NF-M digi digi 25"" base station fiberglass antenna 900 mhz, base station, 5.1 dbi gain (3 dbi) 25, fiberglass base station antenna Avl RFQ
A09-Y10TM-P10I digi eu req yagi 10dbi dir 10in rptnc male conn wm b Avl RFQ
A09-Y15NF digi eu req 900mhz yagi 15.1 dbi 13 dbi directional Avl RFQ
A09-Y15TM-P10I digi eu req yagi 15dbi dir 10in rptnc male conn & wm Avl RFQ
A85 1824GPS-S122 first mobile technologies black quadband antenna(cdpd,cdma,1xrtt,gprs,gps) with tnc/sma/sma connectors Avl RFQ
A8518-S1-9 first mobile technologies first mobile dual band antenna dual band antenna-824-896.1900 mhz:white Avl RFQ
A851824GPS-S1229 first mobile technologies white quadband antenna(cdpd,cdma,1xrtt,gprs,gps) with tnc/sma/sma connectors Avl RFQ
ACC-E340-ANT cisco cisco edge 340 wi-fi extrernal antenna omni (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) edge Avl RFQ
ACCAA-308 trimble sma external gps antenna accs Avl RFQ
ACCAA-309 trimble external gps antenna accs Avl RFQ
AD14EX amped wireless amped wireless ad14ex high power outdoor 14dbi directional wifi antenna kit 14dbi directional wifi ant kit (ad14ex) Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT1728 cisco 5.2 dbi omni ceiling mount antenna for aironet (ordered as needed from mfg) (promo item, while supplies last) air-ant1728 cisco 5.2dbi omni ceil mount antenna (09/11) Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT1949 cisco 13.5 dbi yagi mast mount antenna for aironet (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 13.5 antenna for aironet- mf in sing Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT24020V-R cisco 24ghz 2dbi omni ceiling antenna with rp-tnc connector (ordered as needed from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 24ghz w/rp-tnc connector Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT24120 cisco 2.4ghz 12 dbi omni mast mt antenna with rp-tnc connector (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 2.4gh antenna w/ rp-tnc connector Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT24120-RF cisco certified refurbished aironet 2.4ghz 12dbi omni ant rp cisco warranty (ordered as needed from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 2.4 ghz,12 dbi omni mast mt. ant. w/rp-tnc conn. factory refurb, full fac wty, 11am cut-off time, cannot hold 3 day lead time/30 day lead time Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT2413P2M-N cisco aironet 1550 2.4ghz 13dbi directional antenna 2port n conn (ordered as needed from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) airon directional antenna 2port n conn Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT2420V-N cisco 2400-2483.5 mhz 2.0 dbi omni ant. (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 2400- w/ n connect 5in Avl RFQ
AIR-ANT2422DB-R cisco 2 x rp-tnc (promo item, while supplies last) cisco 2.2 dbi omni indoor antenna (black) (09/11) Avl RFQ

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