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At Fulfillment By ASAP, you have access to parts types Modules from top computer memory manufacturers and more including Zhone, Vce, Hp, Rose Electronics, Smart Audio Video Innovation. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have an extensive inventory of over six billion parts including ZNID-GE-2644P-NA, ZNID-GE-2644A-NA, ZNID-GE-2628T-NA, ZNID-GE-2624P-NA, ZNID-GE-2608T-NA by Modules and more. If you need an obsolete part, or hard to find computer IT hardware components, our optimized search engine can help you find what you need by entering the part number, manufacturer, part type, NSN, or CAGE code into the respective search box. ASAP Semiconductor is AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B accredited and the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing pledge. Let us make your sourcing needs easier by sending us an Instant RFQ for Modules today to receive a competitive quote.

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
ZNID-GE-2644P-NA zhone znid-ge-2644p 8port ge indoor with poe with power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) znid-ge-2644p 8port ge indoor perp w/poe w/ power supply Avl RFQ
ZNID-GE-2644A-NA zhone znid-ge-2644a 8port ge indoor with power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) znid-ge-2644a 8port ge indoor perp w/ power supply Avl RFQ
ZNID-GE-2628T-NA zhone znid-ge-2628t 10port ge indoor with poe with power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) znid-ge-2628t 10port ge indoor perp w/poe w/ power supply Avl RFQ
ZNID-GE-2624P-NA zhone znid-ge-2624p 6port ge indoor with power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) znid-ge-2624p 6port ge indoor perp w/power supply Avl RFQ
ZNID-GE-2608T-NA zhone znid-ge-2608t 8port ge indoor with power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) znid-ge-2608t 8port ge indoor perp w/power supply Avl RFQ
YME000UM00019836 vce vnxb 10gbase-t dm module 2 portperp Avl RFQ
YME000UM00019818 vce vnxb 1gbase-t dm module 4 port perp Avl RFQ
YME000UM00019815 vce vnxb 1gbase-t dm module 4 port perp Avl RFQ
XU552AV hp amt enabled mod Avl RFQ
XTS-V8X32D8-LU rose electronics rackdraw 15 lcd with kyb, mouse and eight port switch no cables Avl RFQ
XTS-V4X48D12-LU rose electronics 4x48 -1 local ps2/usb user, vga, 4 remote users, 48 cpus Avl RFQ
XTS-V2X32D8-LU rose electronics 2x32 - 1 local ps2 or usb user, vga Avl RFQ
XTS-V2X16D4-LU rose electronics 2x16 catx kvm switch Avl RFQ
XTS-V2X04D2-LU rose electronics xtensys catx 2 by 4 kvm switch Avl RFQ
XTS-V12X48D12-L rose electronics 12x48 - 1 local ps2 user, vga, 12 remote Avl RFQ
XTS-V0X32D8-LU rose electronics 1x32 - 1 local ps2 user, vga, 32 cpus Avl RFQ
XTS-V0X16D4-LU rose electronics rose 1x16 - 1 local ps2 usb user, vga 1x16 - 1 local ps2/usb user, vga, Avl RFQ
XTS-V0X04D1-LU rose electronics xtensys catx 1 by 4 kvm switch Avl RFQ
XTR-14-U rose electronics xtensys-kvm cat5 remote user stationvga Avl RFQ
XTR-14 rose electronics xtensys-kvm cat5 remote user stationvga Avl RFQ
XT713AV hp cto amt enabled es mod Avl RFQ
XT-TX400S smart audio video innovation uxga/audio/ir/rs232 point to multi-point Avl RFQ
XR-NC6-PK9-05.090 cisco ncs6000 iosxr k9 (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) ncs60 Avl RFQ
XR-A9K-PX-05.01 cisco cisco cisco ios xr ip mpls core 3des - ( v. 5.1.0 ) - complete package (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) ios x Avl RFQ
XR-A9K-PX-04.03 cisco cisco ios xr ip mpls core software (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) cisco Avl RFQ
XGENLCX4 fujitsu siemens fujitsu 1-port xenpak module cx-4 xenpak (distances up to 15m) Avl RFQ
XFPZRIAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he05833ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPZRCENA2 integral xfp 1550nm ciena xcvr-080v55 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPZRAL7X2 integral xfp alcatel 3he01545ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPZRAL7X integral xfp 1550nm alcatel 3he01545aa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPZRAL73 integral xfp 1550nm alcatel 3fe50712da compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW3260DCONS integral cisco ons-xc-10g-i2-w32-60km compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW3260DALDX integral alcatel 109537563-w32-60km compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW3260DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he01545aa-w32 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW2360DCONS integral cisco ons-xc-10g-i2-w23-60km compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW2360DALDX integral alcatel 109537563-w23-60km compatible Avl RFQ
XFPW2360DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he01545aa-w23 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPSRFJ95 integral xfp fujitsu fc95731410-sr compatible Avl RFQ
XFPSRAL7X2 integral xfp alcatel 3he00566ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPSRAL7X integral xfp 850nm alcatel 3he00566aa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPS-10GLR10 amer networks xfps-10glr10 - xfp transceiver module - 10gbase-lr - lc single mode - plug-in module - up to 6.2 miles - 1310 nm 1 port xfp 10gbase-lr singlemode fiber transceiver up to 10km Avl RFQ
XFPS-10GER40 amer networks 1 port xfp 10gbase-er singlemode fiber transceiver up to 40km Avl RFQ
XFPM-10GSR amer networks amer xfpm-10gsr xfp module 1 port xfp 10gbase-sr multimode fiber transceiver (26m to 300m distance depends Avl RFQ
XFPLRNKA7 integral nokia seimens network v50027-u700-k500 c Avl RFQ
XFPLRJNPR2 integral juniper xfp-10g-l-oc192-sr1 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPLRFJ95 integral xfp 1310nm fujitsu fc9573d410 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPLRCENA2 integral xfp 1310nm ciena 130-4905-900 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPLRAL7X2 integral xfp alcatel 3he00564ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPLRAL7X integral xfp 1310nm alcatel 3he00564aa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERJNPR2 integral juniper xfp-10g-e-oc192-ir2 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERIAL7X2 integral xfp alcatel 3he05832ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERCSCO2 integral xfp cisco xfp10ger-192ir-l compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERCENA2 integral xfp 1550nm ciena xcvr-040v55 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERALT5 integral xfp 1550nm alcatel 109537563 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERAL7X2 integral xfp alcatel 3he00876ca-rohs compatible Avl RFQ
XFPERAL7X integral xfp 1550nm alcatel 3he00876aa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DJNPR integral juniper xfp-10g-cband-t50-zr compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DCYAN integral xfp cyan 280-0088-00 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DCSCO integral xfp cisco dwdm-xfp-c compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DCONS integral xfp cisco ons-xc-10g-c compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DCNNT integral xfp ciena ntk583aae6 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DBTI integral xfp bti bp3am4tl compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he04999ca compatible Avl RFQ
XFPDT180DADVA integral xfp adva 1061701400-01 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD8080DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d80 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7980DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d79 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7880DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d78 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7780DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d77 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7680DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d76 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7580DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d75 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7480DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d74 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7380DBCFY integral foundry/brocade 10g-xfp-zr-d73 compatibl Avl RFQ
XFPD7280DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2025-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD7180DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2102-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD7080DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2179-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6980DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2256-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6880DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2334-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6780DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2411-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6680DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2489-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6580DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2566-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6480DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2644-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6380DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2722-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6280DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2799-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6180DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2877-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD6080DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-2955-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD5980DMSA integral xfp dwdm 1530.33nm msa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5980DCSCO integral xfp cisco dwdm-xfp-30.33 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5980DCONS integral xfp cisco ons-xc-10g-30.3 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5980DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-3033-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD5980DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he02718aw compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5880DMSA integral xfp dwdm 1531.12nm msa compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5880DCSCO integral xfp cisco dwdm-xfp-31.12 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5880DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-3112-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD5880DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he02718av compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5780DCSCO integral xfp cisco dwdm-xfp-31.90 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5780DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-3190-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD5780DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he02718au compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5680DCONS integral xfp cisco ons-xc-10g-32.6 compatible Avl RFQ
XFPD5680DBCFY integral foundry/brocade xfp-zrd-3268-aa compatib Avl RFQ
XFPD5680DAL7X integral xfp alcatel 3he01545aa-d56 compatible Avl RFQ

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