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CAGE Code : 3AE82

Fulfillment By ASAP, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of  Atlas Hydraulics Div Starcan Corp (Cage Code- 3AE82) components in the U.S. and overseas including part numbers 8R2 8RT90 8RFJ 19, 12AT2 12FJ-12T90S 24, 6AT2 6FJ-6FJ 19, 6AT2 6FJ 6T90S 22 25, 6AT2 6FJ 6T45 18 75. Our inventory is comprised of over 2 billion parts sourced from more than 5,000 industry-leading manufacturers, allowing us to help our customers find everything they need, when they need it. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified FAA AC-0056B accredited company, we have had the privilege of serving many well-known aerospace and aviation companies in the US and strive to offer the best service possible.

Part No RFQ
4AT2 4FJ 6MB0)1 RFQ
8AT2 8T45 8FJ 16 RFQ
A2404-8-8 RFQ
12R2 12RT90-12RFJ 40 RFQ
8R2 8RT90 8RFJ 19 RFQ
12AT2 12FJ-12T90S 24 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-6FJ 19 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T90S 22 25 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T45 18 75 RFQ
4AT2 4MP-4MIX 27.25 RFQ
4AT2(6FJ-6FJ)10 RFQ
8R2(10RT90-8RFJ RFQ
4R2 4MIV 4MIV90 16 RFQ
6R2 6RFJ-6RFJ 24 RFQ
12R2 12RFJ 12RFJ 33 RFQ
12R2 12RT90-12RT90 5 RFQ
4R2 4MIV45-4MIV90 12 RFQ
12R2 12RFJ 12RT90 42 RFQ
8R2(8RT90-8RFJ RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-6T90S 27.5 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T45 16 RFQ
6R2 6RFJ 6RT90 148 RFQ
8R2(8RFJ-8RT90 RFQ
2703-LN-12X12X12 RFQ
8R2 10RFJ 8RT90 62 RFQ
4R2 6RT90 4UM19 RFQ
8R2 8RT90-8RFJ 80 RFQ
12R2 12RFJ 12RT RFQ
12R2 12FRJ 12RT RFQ
12R2 12RFJ-12RT90 91 RFQ
8-12T90S RFQ
6401-0-10X08 RFQ
8R2 10RT90 8RFJ 60 RFQ
6AT2 6T90S-8T90S 40. RFQ
8R2(8RT90-8RT90 RFQ
8AT2 8FJ-8FJ 62 RFQ
4R2 4PO 4RUM1 4 RFQ
6R2 6RFJ 6RT90 108 RFQ
12R2(12-12T90S 12-12 RFQ
8AT2 8T45 8FJ)1 RFQ
6AT2 6JF-6JF 15.25 RFQ
6AT2(6T90S-6T90 RFQ
12AT2 12FJ 12T90S 54 RFQ
6AT2 6T90S 6T90L 32 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-8FJ 29 RFQ
6R2 6RT90 6RFJ 102 RFQ
6401-0-08X08 RFQ
6R2 6RT90 6RFJ RFQ
2501-90-10X08 RFQ
8R2 8RT90-9RT90 19 RFQ
8R2 8RFJ 8RT90 54 RFQ
6400-0-12X10 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-6C2038 90.5 RFQ
2503-45-12X16 RFQ
12AT2 12FJ 12T90S 63 RFQ
12R2 12T90L-12RFJ 42 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T90S 26 RFQ
4R2 6RT90-4UMI90L 62 RFQ
4-6T90S RFQ
12AT2(12FJ-12T4 RFQ
8R2 10RFJ 8RT90 RFQ
4AT2 6FJ-6FJ 88 RFQ
8R2 8RFJ 8RFJ90 80 RFQ
6R2(6RFJ-6RT90 RFQ
6AT2(6T90S-6FJ RFQ
12R2 12RFJ 12RF RFQ
A6400-12-10 RFQ
8R2 8RT90L 8RFJ 24 RFQ
8R2(8RT90-10T90 RFQ
12AT2 12FJ 12FJ RFQ
12AT2 12FJ 12T9 RFQ
10-12FJ RFQ
12R2(12T90L-12R RFQ
6801 NW090 12X12 RFQ
8R2 8RT90 8RJF 16 RFQ
8R2 12RT90-8RFJ 22 RFQ
4R2 6RT90 6RFJ 293 RFQ
8R2 8FJ-8FJ 18 RFQ
4R2 6RFJ 6RFJ 272 RFQ
6AT2(6T90S-8T90 RFQ
8R2 8RT90-8RFJ 116 RFQ
6R2 6RT90-6RT90L 75 RFQ
6R2 6RFJ 6RT90 102 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T45)1 RFQ
4-4UMI90 RFQ
4R2 6RT90 6RFJ 290 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6FJ)15 RFQ
12R2(12RT90-12R RFQ
4AT2 4FJ-T690S 41.5 RFQ
6AT 6FJ 6T90S 45 5 RFQ
8 10FJ RFQ
12AT2 12FJ 12FJ 19 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ 6T90S RFQ
6AT2 6T90S-6FJ 12 RFQ
8R2 8RT90-10T90 40 RFQ
6R2 6RFJ-6RT90 18 RFQ
4AT2 4FJ 6T90S RFQ
4AT2 6T90S-6T90L 70 RFQ
6AT2(6JF-8JF)29 RFQ
4AT2 6FJ-6FJ 100 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-6T90S 28 RFQ
8R2(12RT90-8RFJ RFQ
4R2(6RT90-6RFJ RFQ
4503 45 10X08 RFQ
6801-NW0-12X16 RFQ
4R2 6RFJ-6RFJ 286 RFQ
8-10T90S RFQ
4AT2 3MIX-3MIX45 29. RFQ
6AT2 6T90S 8T90S 19 RFQ
4AT2 6UMB0-6FJ 46.5 RFQ
12R2 12RT90 12RT90L RFQ
4AT2(6T90S-6T90 RFQ
4AT2 4MP 4M1X)2 RFQ
8-8T90S RFQ
2404-STR-08X08 RFQ
12AT2 2FJ-12FJ 73.5 RFQ
4AT2 3M1X 3M1X4 RFQ
12R2 12T90L 12RFJ 50 RFQ
10-10FJ RFQ
6R2(6RT90-6RT90 RFQ
10-10T90S RFQ
8R2 8RFJ 8RT90 72 RFQ
8 10UMB090 RFQ
4R2(6RFJ-4UM190 RFQ
6AT2 6FJ-8FJ 24 RFQ
8R2 8RT90-8RFJ 126 RFQ
4AT2 4FJ 6MB0 13 5 RFQ
12-12T90S RFQ
22272A RFQ
4R2 4PO-4RUMI 38 RFQ
12AT2 12FJ-12T45S 24 RFQ
4AT2 6FJ-6FJ 75 RFQ

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