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CAGE Code : 00781, 5P521, 2D272, 71379, 27007, 76275


Textron Aviation

Parent: Textron Inc.

CAGE Code: 71379

History and Industries Served

Two brothers, Clyde and Roy Cessna, began developing aircraft in 1911. Soon after, the Jones Motor Car factory invited Clyde Cessna to build the Comet aircraft. In January 1925, Clyde Cessna joined Lloyd Stearman and Walter Beech to form the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. The company immediately became successful, and  Cessna proceeded to create the Cessna Aircraft Company.

Cessna Aircraft Company was established in 1927. The company built aircraft for the military during WWII, and supported Boeing and Douglas during the war by manufacturing parts for their aircraft. The company also focused on the commercial market. The Cessna 172 became one of the most popular aircraft in history, updated models are still commonly flown to this day.

Textron acquired the Cessna Aircraft Co. in the 1990s. After acquiring Beechcraft in 2014, they formed a division that is currently known as Textron Aviation: the product portfolio offers Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker brands. Today, Textron Aviation sells various aircraft-types and models under the Cessna brand: business jets, turboprops, and pistons.

Within Textron, Cessna operates as an OEM of airframe design, interiors, avionics, in flight connectivity hardware and software for Cessna aircraft platforms. Cessna also collaborates with brands such as Garmin, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, Safran, and others whose products are integrated in various Cessna aircraft.

Textron Aviation- Cessna Platforms

Complete Aircraft & Aircraft Platforms

Citation Turbofan Aircraft

Citation Hemisphere; Safran Silvercrest™  engine, Citation Longitude, Citation Sovereign+, Citation Latitude, Citation XLS+, Citation CJ4, Citation CJ3+, Citation M2

Turboprop Aircraft

Cessna Denali, Grand Caravan EX, Cessna Caravan, Cessna Sky Courier

Piston Aircraft

Cessna Turbo Stationair HD, Cessna Skylane, Cessna Skyhawk


Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cirrus, Embraer  

Part No RFQ
00146 RFQ
001.25-213Q500 RFQ
001.25-212DQ510 RFQ
001.25-607Q280C RFQ
001.10-6102 RFQ
0009-0073-19 RFQ
0000635-022 RFQ
001.25-619Q760 RFQ
001.25-609 RFQ
00033190-2EX RFQ
001.26-924 RFQ
00033102-2 RFQ
00-10-0009 RFQ
000-0146-020 RFQ
001.25-212DQ410 RFQ
00033094-2 RFQ
000-950680F0150 RFQ
000-0146-030 RFQ
001.25-453 RFQ
001.25-453H101 RFQ
001.25-212BQ514 RFQ
0009-0073-7 RFQ
0009-0073-18 RFQ
00003001-1 RFQ
001.25-212Q760 RFQ
001.25-329A RFQ
001.79-429 RFQ
001.25-461AH101 RFQ
00033090-11 RFQ
001.25-607 RFQ
00033090-12 RFQ
001.10-6102Q500 RFQ
000-624055F0260 RFQ
001.26-657 RFQ
00-7547 RFQ
00003027-4 RFQ
00033092-2 RFQ
000-130-100 RFQ
001.25-53QCP580 RFQ
00033061-11 RFQ
00003068-1 RFQ
001.25-389Q280C RFQ
0.2016X0.189X0.5 RFQ
001.25-734QCP500 RFQ
001.26-9778 RFQ
001.25-607QCP720 RFQ
001.25-619 RFQ
001.79-05HT101 RFQ
001.48-1478A RFQ
001.25-212Q620 RFQ
0009-0073-17 RFQ
001.25-607QCP500 RFQ
0007-00560 RFQ
0007-00557 RFQ
00033061-7 RFQ
00-60-13 RFQ
00-30-006 RFQ
00003027-3 RFQ
001.25-389Q514 RFQ
000-950010H0150 RFQ
001.25-212Q600 RFQ
00003022-1 RFQ
001.25-620 RFQ
001.25-212QCP730 RFQ
0009-0073-4 RFQ
001.01I35-QCP514 RFQ
00003075-1 RFQ
001.25-202A RFQ
00003007-1 RFQ
001.25-212BQ518 RFQ
00033094-1 RFQ
001.25-619Q500 RFQ
00003004-3 RFQ
001.25-212BQ280C RFQ
001.25-4012Q500 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q760 RFQ
00033190-1EX RFQ
001.10-10607 RFQ
001.25-212Q310 RFQ
00033102-5 RFQ
001.25-212Q280 RFQ
00033044-1 RFQ
00109 RFQ
00033098-1 RFQ
0000635-22 RFQ
001.26-925 RFQ
0009-0073-22 RFQ
000-620018F0177 RFQ
000-950816H0150 RFQ
001.48-1480A RFQ
001.25-329A-Q280 RFQ
001.25-4012 RFQ
0009-0073-24 RFQ
001.10-6102Q516 RFQ
001.25-461QCP500 RFQ
00033048-1 RFQ
0009-0073-11 RFQ
001.25-380Q500 RFQ
00033051-2 RFQ
0009-0073-1 RFQ
001.25-23A-Q514 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q514 RFQ
001.01I34-QCP514 RFQ
000-601040H0326 RFQ
001-9007-001 RFQ
00-3244 RFQ
0009-0073-21 RFQ
00033102-1 RFQ
001.25-4013Q730 RFQ
001.25-619Q310 RFQ
000-0146-100 RFQ
001.25-389Q800 RFQ
00033128-11 RFQ
0015-00415 RFQ
0009-0073-14 RFQ
000-0146-050 RFQ
001.25-734 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q800 RFQ
00033190-2 RFQ
001.25-566 RFQ
001.48-433 RFQ
000-620108J0212 RFQ
0007-00047-0000 RFQ
000-630905L0316 RFQ
001.10-9657 RFQ
0009-0073-15 RFQ
001.25-212QHC2 RFQ
001.25-212D-Q500 RFQ
000-950680E0150 RFQ
001.25-389HT101 RFQ
00-10-0006 RFQ
001.25-655 RFQ
000-0146-060 RFQ
00-60-14 RFQ
00147 RFQ
00033061-13 RFQ
00033102-6 RFQ
00033051-1 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q710 RFQ
001.25-23A-Q100 RFQ
001.25-4012Q730 RFQ
001.25-461QCP730 RFQ
00033092-1 RFQ
00033006-7 RFQ
0007-00561 RFQ
000-601003F0133 RFQ
001.25-212DQ518 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q500 RFQ
001.25-4013Q500 RFQ
00033094-6 RFQ
001.10-10608 RFQ
001.25-329A-Q518 RFQ
001.25.4012Q514 RFQ
001.69-341B RFQ
001.25-329AQ280C RFQ
001.28-486Q700 RFQ
00033190-1 RFQ
00-10-009 RFQ
001.25-4013 RFQ
001.25-212BQ420 RFQ
001-9007-000 RFQ
0015-00716 RFQ
001.79-311B RFQ
001.48-432 RFQ
001.25-607QCP730 RFQ
001.25-379Q760 RFQ
001.25-212Q730 RFQ
00029 RFQ
00-2572 RFQ
0009-0073-3 RFQ
00033094-5 RFQ
001.69-234 RFQ
001.79-310 RFQ
000-950668H0480 RFQ
0009-0073-6 RFQ
00-736 RFQ
000-601040K0134 RFQ
0007-00586 RFQ
0009-0073-13 RFQ
00-04-009 RFQ
001.28-486Q620 RFQ
001.48-1345C RFQ
000-601003F0120 RFQ
001.25-212Q700 RFQ
0009-0073-5 RFQ
00033045-7 RFQ
001.25-212B-Q500 RFQ
00-10-006 RFQ
001.25-23A-Q760 RFQ
0007-00558 RFQ
000-950680E0190 RFQ
00003028-1 RFQ
00033196-11 RFQ
00003022-3 RFQ
001.25-456AH101 RFQ
001.25-12QCP620 RFQ
00003020-1 RFQ
001.25-619Q730 RFQ
001.25-212Q500 RFQ
00033061-9 RFQ

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