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CAGE Code : 19482, SU637, 00795, 55331, 1YBD4, H3041

Fulfillment By ASAP, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of Delta Electronics Inc (Cage Code- 00795) components in the U.S. and overseas including part numbers 1404004A002-000, 005-0137-011, D33-443-123, D05-137-3, 1005021A000-000. Our inventory is comprised of over 2 billion parts sourced from more than 5,000 industry-leading manufacturers, allowing us to help our customers find everything they need, when they need it. As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, we have had the privilege of serving many well-known aerospace and aviation companies in the US and strive to offer the best service possible.

Part No RFQ
1905015A001-002 RFQ
005-0138-004 RFQ
33-TNC-N-50-1 RFQ
D36-149-1 RFQ
1116036A721-000 RFQ
1404004A002-000 RFQ
005-0137-011 RFQ
D33-443-123 RFQ
D05-137-3 RFQ
1005021A000-000 RFQ
1002-043-A001 RFQ
4416-038-G620 RFQ
1001055A001-000 RFQ
1116015A720-002 RFQ
2001099N000-000 RFQ
2001217A002-000 RFQ
3504-028-R000 RFQ
1332000G000-000 RFQ
D05-137-12 RFQ
D05-137-9 RFQ
D05-137-8 RFQ
73-553569-1 RFQ
D13-62-100 RFQ
005-0137-007 RFQ
3301147A000-000 RFQ
1401015A002-000 RFQ
1162049A331-000 RFQ
D51-42-1 RFQ
1329000G000-000 RFQ
D33-443-113 RFQ
1238-000-A000 RFQ
D33-498-2 RFQ
1108015A000-000 RFQ
1605004A001-000 RFQ
005-0137-006 RFQ
2234000N000-009 RFQ
1233000A000-002 RFQ
005-0137-016 RFQ
3216040G668-000 RFQ
D61-159-1 RFQ
1162054A331-000 RFQ
1051000N000-003 RFQ
005-0137-009 RFQ
3320000K949-000 RFQ
D36-64-1 RFQ
1358000G051-045 RFQ
1008038A005-000 RFQ
1234000A000-002 RFQ
1016014A570-000 RFQ
1411021A330-000 RFQ
3005103G001-000 RFQ
1002020A001-000 RFQ
1123000A334-000 RFQ
D05-137-4 RFQ
1007-017-N000-3 RFQ
005-0138-003 RFQ
1301015G003-000 RFQ
1001056A002-000 RFQ
D33-443-126 RFQ
1044000A809-002 RFQ
1002043A001-000 RFQ
1002020A001-003 RFQ
1211043A181-000 RFQ
2001249N000-000 RFQ
1240004N000-002 RFQ
005-0137-012 RFQ
D05-138-3 RFQ
2234-000-G001-6 RFQ
2225000A401-000 RFQ
1318045G671-000 RFQ
005-0137-013 RFQ
D33-514-1 RFQ
1263000A090-000 RFQ
1103013N001-000 RFQ
1401004A001-002 RFQ
2016015A590-000 RFQ
1101-064E000-2 RFQ
D33-443-115 RFQ
D05-137-11 RFQ
D80-238 RFQ
1204027A001-000 RFQ
1305031G003-000 RFQ
005-0137-003 RFQ
1016076A831-000 RFQ
1315000G050-000 RFQ
4220-000-A801 RFQ
6516125G598-000 RFQ
3201040G001-000 RFQ
D33-443-127 RFQ
3101015A000-000 RFQ
1162-034-A331 RFQ
1207027A001-000 RFQ
005-0138-002 RFQ
D61-109-1 RFQ
D33-443-134 RFQ
1201-032-A001 RFQ
D33-443-1 RFQ
D33-443-129 RFQ
D05-65-1 RFQ
D33-169-1 RFQ
D33-443-135 RFQ
D82-38 RFQ
005-0137-010 RFQ
1104032A001-000 RFQ
1137000A000-000 RFQ
D05-137-2 RFQ
005-0137-015 RFQ
D05-137-16 RFQ
A76009-007 RFQ
2234-000-N00M-39 RFQ
1001000A000-024 RFQ
D05-137-6 RFQ
D33-443-133 RFQ
D33-443-125 RFQ
1349000G000-000 RFQ
005-0137-008 RFQ
1116031K721-000 RFQ
075-0096-001 RFQ
2234000G001-005 RFQ
1116048A715-000 RFQ
1261000K00M-001 RFQ
1001015A005-004 RFQ
1101015A002-000 RFQ
D33-443-122 RFQ
1133000A000-007 RFQ
D33-443-116 RFQ
D75-36-63 RFQ
005-0137-001 RFQ
D81-34-62 RFQ
D05-137-7 RFQ
2016311-0701 RFQ
D05-137-13 RFQ
1011038A080-000 RFQ
1001029N005-000 RFQ
D33-443-121 RFQ
1401029A002-000 RFQ
1162027A001-000 RFQ
D13-12-4 RFQ
4401019G005-000 RFQ
1204021A001-000 RFQ
D33-443-119 RFQ
D05-138-4 RFQ
D36-137-1 RFQ
D81-34-51 RFQ
1001038A005-000 RFQ
2234000N000-037 RFQ
1263-00-A090 RFQ
D33-386-1 RFQ
D33-443-120 RFQ
005-0137-004 RFQ
644-0011 RFQ
1116054A721-000 RFQ
1207034A00E-007 RFQ
1408-021-A000 RFQ
1416-029-A510 RFQ
2234000N00M-039 RFQ
D05-137-15 RFQ
123000N000-000 RFQ
DELTA 1232-000-A000- RFQ
4422000A660-000 RFQ
005-0137-002 RFQ
D05-138-2 RFQ
D05-137-10 RFQ
1121000F930-000 RFQ
2234000N000-033 RFQ
005-0137-014 RFQ
D43-1 RFQ
D05-137-14 RFQ
4401036N005-001 RFQ
1136-000-A720 RFQ
1358000K31N-000 RFQ
1020-000-A621-8 RFQ
1301031K003-000 RFQ
D33-443-114 RFQ
005-0137-005 RFQ
1226-000-A598 RFQ
1162034A331-000 RFQ
1111045N330-000 RFQ
D33-443-132 RFQ
1002013A00M-000 RFQ
2234-000-N000-65 RFQ
081-0108-013 RFQ
D05-137-5 RFQ
D05-137-1 RFQ
1162-054-A331 RFQ
D36-148-1 RFQ
D33-168-2 RFQ
D33-443-131 RFQ
1358-000-G051-45 RFQ
1101004R005-001 RFQ
2001070N000-000 RFQ
D33-443-128 RFQ
1001031A003-000 RFQ

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