3 Warning Signs to Pay Attention to in Propeller Aircraft

Despite being able to work effectively with very little maintenance between flights, it is still important to keep a careful eye on your propeller for signs of wear. This can include visible dents, scratches, oil leaks, and more, which are all signs that something is amiss. Though they may seem insignificant at their onset, small issues can quickly become a major cause for worry. As such, we have compiled a list of some important signs to look out for in your propeller aircraft to avoid disaster in the long run.

Grease or Oil Leaks

If you notice grease or oil leaking from around the propeller hub or streaks on the propeller blades, it is important to get it checked out by a certified propeller shop as soon as possible. Unexpected grease or oil leaks are often warning signs that the seals within the propeller hub have worn out, and the hub itself is getting ready to fail.

Sudden Onset of Vibration

Any excess vibrations that happen during flight can be alarming for all individuals onboard an aircraft, but if imposed vibrations are sudden and seem to increase with power, one should land as soon as they can. Whether it is coming from the engine, propeller, or spinner, sudden excess vibration is a cause for concern. This may be a sign that the propeller is out of balance which can cause several issues, including cracks in the airframe, cowling, or spinner, in addition to damaged exhaust systems and premature engine wear.

Surface Damage to the Propeller Blades

Another important sign to look out for is any damage developing on the propeller blades. One can run their hand over the leading and trailing edges of the propeller to feel for any small imperfections. Then, they can perform a visual inspection, looking for nicks, dents, and scratches. If you notice anything abnormal, you should have it addressed by maintenance professionals right away. Even “minor” damage can grow rapidly on subsequent flights and eventually lead to catastrophic propeller failure.


Propellers endure a lot of wear on an average flight, so it is always important to pay attention to signs of potential damage, such as leaks, dents, and sudden vibration. Aside from staying aware of the condition of one’s propeller, one should also find a reputable parts seller for their propeller components. As a leading distributor of aircraft propeller blades and other aviation-grade components, Fulfillment By ASAP is ready to assist you in finding all the parts that you require. Moreover, each item in our inventory is fully traceable and sourced only from trusted manufacturers on our Approved Vendor List (AVL). For quality-sourced products that can be delivered according to your deadline, there is no better procurement platform than Fulfillment By ASAP, a strategic sourcing partner.


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