While electric power has greatly revolutionized our daily lives with the introduction of countless advanced technologies, electricity remains a volatile force that can be very destructive if uncontrolled. Overload conditions are an occurrence within circuitry where an excess amount of current is drawn from the supply. Well surpassing the needs of system electronics, overload current can easily cause damage to sensitive components and appliances. Circuit breakers are a type of circuit protection device that are commonly found within buildings and homes, preventing excess current from damaging components with their ability to interrupt current.

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Most, if not all, electrical devices on an aircraft derive their power from the aircraft electrical system. These devices are connected with suitable wires. As any current going into a device must also come out, at least two wires are needed to connect these devices. Therefore, every electrical system has a power and a ground wire. Metal aircraft use shielding to protect the wiring, but this is not a suitable option for many of the sophisticated electronic devices within modern aircraft. Shielding in a modern aircraft would result in stray electric currents causing noise and issues throughout the entire electrical system. Ground return lines, or grounding, reduce the risk of stray currents from entering the airframe where they can cause issues with the intercom system, radio communication system, or navigational system...

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