Aircraft Propellers

Many aircraft today rely on the use of propellers for motion. Although modern piston-powered aircraft have advanced propellers made with more powerful materials, they still feature a surprising resemblance to the earliest types of propellers. Fixed-pitch and ground-adjustable propellers are the simplest types, but there are multiple variations and classes beyond these examples. Here, you will learn about some of the characteristics of several types of propellers.

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Pressure switches are common components that are often found in fluid systems, managing the operation of pumps. When certain predetermined pressure thresholds are met, the pressure switch is capable of activating and deactivating pumps as necessary. Additionally, such devices may also serve process control systems, allowing for steady pneumatic or mechanical pressure to be held. To find the best solution for your particular needs, it is best to have a basic understanding of the functionality of pressure switches, the various types that exist, and their common applications.

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A machine or piece of equipment can only last as long as it can be supported. Without the proper tools to service and maintain the equipment the viability and life of the machine can quickly deteriorate. This problem is especially pervasive for the military and in the defense industry. With new programs being high demand but very limited in supply, the rate at which branches of the military acquire new aircrafts has significantly decreased. They are, instead, relying on legacy systems staying in service longer than they were built to last. Older aircrafts are further reaching a point of obsolescence because of they are unable to meet the changing requirements of current avionic standards. These have culminated into creating the perfect environment for a growing market in Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) in order to prolong the service viability of older aircrafts....

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