A Complete Guide to Automatic Testing Equipment

A machine or piece of equipment can only last as long as it can be supported. Without the proper tools to service and maintain the equipment the viability and life of the machine can quickly deteriorate. This problem is especially pervasive for the military and in the defense industry. With new programs being high demand but very limited in supply, the rate at which branches of the military acquire new aircrafts has significantly decreased. They are, instead, relying on legacy systems staying in service longer than they were built to last. Older aircrafts are further reaching a point of obsolescence because of they are unable to meet the changing requirements of current avionic standards. These have culminated into creating the perfect environment for a growing market in Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) in order to prolong the service viability of older aircrafts.

In order to meet the limited budget that is allocated to military service departments, ATE manufacturers need to be create products that are well worth their money. In order to meet the demands of defense needs, ATE’s need to be affordable and versatile. ATE’s need to be able to support multiple systems from different manufacturers such as Boeing Aircraft Company, Teradyne, and Lockheed Martin. Essentially, what it comes down to is that the Department of Defense (DoD) needs ATEs that are able to support as many different systems as possible, regardless of manufacturer. 

Military departments are working towards standardizing Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) in order to fit the specific equipment servicing needs of each branch. For example, the Navy is developing what is known as the electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) and the Air Force has been developing the Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS). By standardizing their ATE’s by department, they will be more equipped to deal with the needs of their current machines and can plan for projected weapons advancements.

Due to the specialization that comes with creating departmentalized testing systems, branches of the military have been able to avoid creating new ATE systems and have instead been able to work around minor system modifications. Rather than creating a completely new testing system, upgrades to the current Navy eCASS system allow it to work around advancements in the machines they test. By making augmentation specific modifications to individual testing stations they are able to prolong the life of the testing system itself and ensure that the machines they service are able to keep up with the standards of the times.

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