What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Gaskets and Seals

Seals and gaskets are two component types that are found in countless industries and machine assemblies. As parts that may be implemented between mating components in order to prevent leaking or the loss of pressure, gaskets and seals are crucial for the integrity of many fluid and solid transportation assemblies. Depending upon a range of factors and circumstances, the choice between gasket and seal types can vary. While one should always refer to professional expertise and situational factors for making a decision, we will discuss some of the common considerations that should be made when searching for the right fit.

Environmental Factors

One of the first considerations that should be made before choosing a seal or gasket is the environment that it will be installed in. For example, a tanker that is transporting natural gases may exhibit freezing temperatures in order to maintain a liquified state. As such, the various seals used must be capable of withstanding low temperatures without losing integrity. Pressure is another common factor that will vary based on the environment, and one should always be aware of whether or not pressure values will fluctuate. Based on whether there are low or high pressures, as well as if they fluctuate, gaskets and seals will need to be chosen based on their ability to withstand additional stresses.

Chemicals and Substances

Just as a seal or gasket may be designed for specific pressures and heat, they may also be manufactured to withstand the chemicals and harsh substances that may be transported or present within a given system. Depending on the substance present, a seal or gasket that is incompatible may fail quickly, causing detrimental effects to performance or the system as a whole as contamination takes over. If one is unsure how sealing materials may interact with substances, one may conduct laboratory testing.


While seemingly obvious, it is also crucial that one considers the application that the gasket or seals are meant for as requirements may change over time. As such, it can be useful to determine what seals or gaskets may be needed in order to find a best fit. Alongside the application, one can also consider the various regulations for their industry that may dictate the available choices they have. For instance, the aviation industry often has very rigorous regulations for every component installed on an aircraft, thus the brake system sealsdoor seals, and other seal types must follow high performance specifications. Food and drink industries are also rigorous in their regulations, often demanding specific part materials or types to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Service Life

While chemical, temperature, and application compatibilities are all factors to ensure that a seal or gasket does not quickly fail, one may also consider the service life that specific components offer. While the failure of gaskets and seals is inevitable, quick turnover can easily increase maintenance costs and can slow down operations with consistent services. As such, it is always recommended to purchase high quality seals and gaskets from leading manufacturers and suppliers that are reliable.

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