Aircraft Jacking Procedures of Tripod, Bottle and Tronair Jacks

In the same way that a civilian will utilize a jack, or a mechanism used as a heavy lifting device, aircraft maintenance crews will use an aircraft jack to lift up an aircraft in need of inspection or repair. The aircraft jack is an important tool because it can prevent accidents or injuries as well as damages to the aircraft. But in order to use it effectively, it’s important to know things like the basic safety operations, how to properly level items, and where the proper jacking points are located.

There are many different types of aircraft jacks, including

1.     Tripod Aircraft Jacks

2.     Bottle Aircraft Jacks

3.     Tronair Aircraft Jacks

Which have the capability to sound an alarm when the weight on the load exceeds 100lbs. 

Aircraft Jacking Leveling Items

The aircraft to be maintenanced needs to be in a level position and should be well protected from any wind that could move this position. This is why most maintenance is done in enclosed hangars. Sometimes, leveling an item will require the use of an aircraft jack stabilizer, an item which ensures the aircraft stays put when lifting. Stabilizers will normally be required when using Tronair jacks.

How to Use Proper Aircraft Jacking Points

Having a perfectly pointed jack will ensure that the aircraft does not sway. The proper jacking points are dependent on the type of aircraft that you're working with. In order to know where exactly to place the jack, you should consult the aircraft maintenance manual. These points will usually be related to the aircraft’s center of gravity.

Aircraft Jacking Safety Precautions

Before beginning work, it’s vital that the first step be to inspect the jack. This means checking the safety locks, the conditions of the pins, and its general serviceability. If there is an issue with the jack, then it should be replaced with another properly functioning one so as to prevent injury to maintenance workers or damage to the aircraft.

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