How to Improve Your Aircraft's Performance ?

Improving aircraft performance can mean several different things. It can mean getting to your destination faster but it can also mean making your flights more efficient and less cost inducing. Depending on the kind of aircraft you are dealing with, whether commercial or private, measuring improvements can be implemented through various methods. Below you can read some basic but common ways commercial and private pilots have used to enhance their flight performance.

  1. Routine Maintenance

As with any vehicle, you can never go wrong with giving routine maintenance checkups to your aircraft. Regular inspections and updates to aircraft parts will not only prevent potential complication that may arise due to faulty or old parts, but it will also ensure that your aircraft will fly at its full speed and potential

  1. Reducing Weight

This may seem like an obvious route to take. You see it all the time in films- the villain is trying to make a getaway on a boat or plane, they realize they need to “lighten the load” and consequently do away with a disposable henchmen to allow for a faster escape. There’s definitely some truth to this. Less weight on an aircraft means you can have shorter takeoff roll, improved incline rate, lower stall speed, increased cruising speed, as well as an improved incline rate.

  1. Reduce Drag

In order to reduce drag during your flight, it would be best to implement drag-reducing devices such as wheel fairings. Wheel fairings can not only lessen the drag but they can accelerate you up as much as 10 knots. They can also prevent debris from repelling upwards against the fuselage or wings or onto the pusher aircraft propeller.

  1. Picking The Best Altitude

An aircraft’s engine are typically aspirated, that is, they tend to lose power-to-weight ratio and will experience power loss at higher elevations due to lower air pressure. The more you ascend, the more time it will take to do so, meaning you’ll end up burning more fuel. It’s a tricky process but seasoneed pilots have learned that when you find just the right spot between the time it takes to climb and the winds-aloft, you can increase aircraft speed and efficiency

  1. Adjusting Your Center of Gravity Aft

The center of gravity is the balance point of an aircraft, with the term “aft” referring to the tail end of the aircraft. To increase aircraft performance, veteran pilots will sometimes make adjustments to their center of gravity aft so as to reduce induced drag and increase cruise airspeed and range. However, this is something that must be done with care as pilots will need to stay within their center of gravity limits to fly safely

These are just a few suggestions as to how pilots have increased their aircraft’s performance. At Fulfillment By ASAP, you can trust in our experts to know everything about aircraft performance and aircraft parts. Call us now at 1-920-785-6790 to ask about NSN parts, military parts or CAGE codes. You can also email us at


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