Airplane Parking Equipment: A Guide

Once an airplane is parked, there always exists a risk of the vehicle shifting out of place on the airfield, which would threaten the safety of the plane itself along with the safety of surrounding aircraft. Every time an airplane is parked, quality aircraft parking equipment should be employed to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the surrounding airfield. These pieces of equipment are essential at airports. The possibility of the vehicle acquiring damage itself or causing damage to other airplanes is removed when proper parking equipment is utilized. Even when the engine is turned off and the plane is situated, it is still crucial to use several different pieces of equipment, those of which are addressed in detail in the following document to help you follow proper parking procedures.

To start, parking airplanes involves using the necessary ground support equipment which includes wheel chocks, parking boots, and airplane covers. Wheel chocks are wedges made of a durable material which help to set the brakes, so the aircraft becomes immobile when parked. They are placed both in front of and behind airplane tires for additionally reinforced immobilization. Additionally, parking boots, also called wheel clamps, are constructed to keep an airplane from shifting while it is parked. Parking boots often feature a steel lock that protects the aircraft from theft. Another piece of aircraft parking equipment includes airplane covers which work by making sure debris and other potentially damaging foreign materials cannot enter and disrupt the system. There are many types of specialized covers, including both intake and pitot probe covers. They ultimately help to increase the lifespan of airplanes by protecting them from the elements when they have been parked outside. If the aircraft is parked for a time span of a few hours to a few days, it will be ready to fly immediately upon removal of parking equipment. If the plane is going to be parked for longer periods of time, more safety precautions must be taken. For example, some preservation work may be performed like lubricating landing gear or removing important parts to put in storage.

In order to help pilots safely navigate an airfield and parking spots at an airport, there exists ground signage and lighting that all are expected to understand. Signs and ground markings that are frequently present in an airfield include destination signs, taxiway direction signs, and markings, in addition to location signs and markings. All of these signs and lights help to direct safe aircraft movement on the airfield and prevent accidents. It is crucial for pilots, ground crews, and airport employees to be familiar with each of these signs and lights to maintain the safety of the airfield. Lighting and reflectors are also crucial for airfield operations, particularly when the plane has entered an environment of low visibility. Some of the types of lighting and reflectors that can be found on airplane runways include runway edge and center lights, taxiway edge lights, and runway guard lights.

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