Essential First Aid Items That Can Be Used on Airline Flights

The idea of a medical emergency occurring in flight is a concerning thought for many passengers, as medical equipment is limited and hospitals are inaccessible. This being said, most aircraft are equipped with first aid kits that are adequate for dealing with most in-flight emergencies. Still, for passengers who worry about their safety, packing a personal first-aid kit might be of comfort, so it is helpful to know which items to include. With safety concerns, there are a number of items that passengers are banned from bringing on commercial flights, so this blog will offer an overview of some approved first-aid equipment you may bring with you on your next flight.

The majority of first aid items are relatively safe and soft; however, most overseas flights have banned all non-essential items from carry-on baggage. This being said, there are many approved items one may include in a personal bag for domestic flights for first aid purposes. Some of these include soft items like gauze pads, roller gauze, and tape for covering or wrapping a wound. Additionally, passengers may bring a number of bandage types, including triangular bandages, elastic bandages, and adhesive bandages. Other approved items include lip balm, protective gloves, and even barrier devices for CPR.

As many people know, gels and liquids are highly restricted on flights, so first aid items that fall into this category are only allowed in limited quantities. Some examples include hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, and insect bite swabs. All of these must be held in containers that are 3 fluid ounces (100 mL) or less, and all together the liquids must fit together in a single quart-size resealable bag.

Finally, some items are entirely restricted unless a passenger obtains special permission from security personnel. Typically, these approved items are medical essentials for a passenger with specific medical conditions. Examples of these include glucose gels, glucose liquids, and other supplies for diabetics, such as syringes, lancets, glucometers, and pumps. Other essential non-prescription medicines are allowed like eye care, saline, and sterile lubricant in quantities of 4 ounces or less. Additionally, liquid prescription medication is allowed if the name on the label matches the name of the passenger.

On the daily, aircraft security guards talk to passengers about the types of first aid items they may bring on their flight, so be sure to discuss any medical needs prior to boarding. It is important to declare these first aid and medical items while proceeding through airport security. While overall safety for every passenger is of critical importance, security officers will often try to be reasonable regarding a passenger’s specific medical needs. When you are preparing to board a domestic flight and have medical concerns, be sure to double check if the items you require are allowed.

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